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Clif Collins

Which commands work in Perspective View?

Derrick Porter

So I installed the update and placed a camera. It doesn't appear to offer any modification options still. Am I missing something when it says it allows for quick adjustments.

Luke Johnson

Derrick: you can now use Align and Move commands in Perspective mode. Some more tips at http://whatrevitwants.blogspot.com.au/2014/09/most-powerful-subscription-release-for.html

Scott D Davis

@Cliff Move, Align, Pin/unpin, and delete

@derrick on the ViewCube menu, click Toggle to Perspective 3D/Parallel 3D.


When will Autodesk pull their fingers out & include a perspective working view with full functionality? Archicad has had this for years, catch up Revit!

Urmas Uuslail

R2 upgrades the Revit2015 projects. Is it sure they will be compatible with R1?

Jeff Hanson

From the Help:

Perspective views: Certain modeling capabilities are now available in perspective views: (See Work in a Perspective View.)

Editing tools: Move, Align, Pin, Unpin.

Reset Target tool: Restores the position of the camera target to the center of the field of view.

Toggle between the perspective and parallel representations of the 3D view.

Robert Feldman

DO NOT UPDATE IF YOU USE IFC EXPORT! The new version does not export doors or windows, only large rectangular blocks enclosing the space that the door occupies.

Andy Milburn

If you select an object in a camera view you will get Move, Align & Pin in the ribbon. This were not available in 2014. It's not huge, but it's a start.

Robert Feldman

More information to update my earlier post about IFC export.

I exchanged emails with Angel Velez of Autodesk and he was very helpful. He says that changes were made to the IFC export in Revit 2015 (before update 2) to restrict export of objects where some of the sub-objects are not being exported. This means that IFC export parameter text files from earlier versions of Revit probably will not work with Revit 2015. For example, I was using the Revit 2011 IFC export file from the NIBS COBie common BIM files web site. This file definitely does not work with Revit 2015.

Beyond doors and windows, I noticed also that some (but not all) casework was not exporting.

My conclusion is that while IFC export in Revit 2015U2 is not broken, it definitely is different and will take some customization of the IFC export parameters text file to get a good IFC export.


When will Revit come out with the simplest of commands: Being able to pick the middle of a wall between 2 wdws, 2 openings, etc... and not the middle of the entire wall?

Sasha Crotty

@ Urmas

Revit 2015 R2 does not apply any upgrades to files. In other words, Revit 2015 and Revit 2015 R2 are file format compatible. Files created in R2 can go back and forth between 2015 and 2015 R2 without any issues.


Anyone found the Revit.ini changes needed for things like background color? All my testing shows that R2 does nothing to existing Revit.ini's, despite the warning in the readme to back them up.



I am seeing only pieces of the enhancements. Dynamo, Solon, but not reveal constraints, no editing in perspective. very odd.


The link IFC still isn't allowing dimensioning or alignment. Do I have to relink the IFC with the R2 update installed?

Mark Kelly

I would also advise people to exercise caution when trying out RVT 2015 R2. Install it on a non-mission critical machine and test on copies of your projects by all means but it will take a while to work out all the issues with the software and I am already aware that there are issues with API's and other add-ons that have not been written with R2 in mind.


Site Designer is a great enhancement!

Steven Register

Site Designer for Revit is somewhat helpful and I am happy to have it. I suppose you could make tweaks in its Family Managers tool to make it more useful. I will definitely use this tool but I can see that I will probably only use the Feature Line tool. This will make Revit topography a little bit easier but still not easy. Even with Site Designer, toposurfaces are still going to need to be tweaked point by point where Site Designer fails you. It will get you further than you could before, but it will also create more things to fix in your toposurface.

What Revit topography really needs is breaklines. See this site for a good explanation of breaklines: http://civil3dnovice.blogspot.com/2010/03/all-about-breaklines.html.
Revit topography needs to include these lines so that triangulation does not occur across them. Who hasn't tried to make a retaining wall and had the toposurface triangulation protrude through it in unwanted ways? Breaklines would solve this issue and save tons of time normally spent making long series of pairs of points inside walls. Site Designer helps make these pairs of points faster but it still often lets protruding triangles through. Without breaklines, this will always happen and be tedious to fix, even with the help of Site Designer.
Ideally you just need 2 types of breaklines: the standard and the non-destructive. The standard would make quick work of making berms, swales, roads, sidewalks, etc. without those annoying protruding trinagles. The non-destructive breaklines could be used in pairs to make grading around retaining walls much easier. Wall breaklines are mostly useless and make a mess you have to clean up if you have topo wrapping around the end of the wall. Site Designer's version of this is especially messy. I almost never make the topo go to the top of the wall along its full length.
Feature request: Toposurface Breaklines: Standard and Non-Destructive. (I already made this request like a million times through several official and unofficial channels.)

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