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Lisa Davis

3D printing, yay. Now we can make our own lego pieces :)

Ali Aldubaisi

Sounds promising! I hope that this project will focus on solving some of the current challenges in additive manufacturing other than just having an open source software (which is a good thing as well).


I hope that the Spark isn't like 123D or Autocad. I actually really dislike the old school Autocad way of doing things in 123D. Having learned modelling in animation programs, Autocad and 123D seems clunky.

Orrin Bourne

Very cool. I hope it's designed in Inventor!

Richard Lozier

Thank you, Thank you: Waiting for my 1st purchased 3D printer, while I build one of the many RepRap versions and stockpile parts for future printer and CNC projects.

Watched so many exciting innovation arrive the past 74 years, 3D printing is another biggie.

James Maeding

That looks like a resin based system, not filament. I notice the little ship is like tiny, so wondering how it scales to larger print areas. Autodesk has not been very present in the reprap.org scene, so interesting to see them jump in and claim they have the answer. You can make a reprap prusa I3 for $600 or less, and it does .1 micron prints. Also, how does the sprk platform claim multiple materials, given that abs needs heated build chamber and there is a patent on it.

Stephen Mauldin

OK sign me up

Rolf Guttormsen

Goood morning all 3D fans!
Is this visulize package Im ben waiting for since Autocad 1.2?!
I look realy forward to this release.
In the meantime Im just show my ideas the old fashion way.
Rolf now at the sommerhous by the seaside.

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